Giving to CHET

The task of training leaders has to start in churches, but it requires specialized programs which few churches are prepared to offer. Thus, the need for Bible institutes and seminaries. CHET staff is honored to collaborate with churches inside and outside of the ECC to provide biblical and theological training – as well as training in family counseling – for current and future Latino leaders. Our students come from more than 15 countries and serve far beyond California, and the list of our graduates who are pastoring or serving as leaders in Latino churches is quite long.
CHET was founded over 30 years ago, and has grown from 14 students in 1989 with our current registration being 320 students. CHET’s commitment has been to have affordable theological education – reduced to 30% of the actual cost. Still, almost all of our students ask for a payment plan, and there are few who don’t have to make sacrifices to fulfill the plan. The cost per class is: $160, $200, $500, depending on the level (pre-ministerial, ministerial, or, bachelor’s).
Could you help us keep the cost for the student at this reduced level, so that we can continue teaching at an affordable cost to the Latino community? We firmly believe that few institutions like CHET offer a theological education at this reduced cost, where all professors have master’s and doctorate degrees. In addition, CHET is AETH certified, so students who complete their bachelor’s degree with us can continue to pursue their own master’s degrees in schools such as Fuller Theological Seminary, among other institutions.
Any donation would be a great blessing, and we are looking for various individuals or groups to join us with donations of $1000 per year or more.  You will see in the giving links that there are various options for giving, and you can choose a specific focus for your giving as well. 
Here are the options to give:
Credit card or other electronic means:
Check: Write the check out to the Centro Hispano de Estudios Teologicos and send it to:
1005 E. Palmer St.
Compton, CA 90221
For donations of stocks, securities, commemorative gifts, or other options that require long-term planning: Covenant Trust Company (847) 583-3200
For information on tax-related matters, our Employer Identification (EIN) is 95-4216701
For any other question, please contact the CHET office at (424) 785-5880
Thank you for considering CHET for your giving!