The Hispanic Center for Theological Studies (CHET) is an educational organization with a focus on ministerial formation for all whose desire is to serve the Lord – in the church and in the community.

      Our headquarters is located 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, CA and we have learning centers throughout the United States and other continents.

      We believe that theological education and ministerial formation belongs to all members of the community of God. Some of our students already serve as pastors, while others have just started their pilgrimage of faith. Some come from traditional churches, others belong to new Pentecostal and independent movements.

     Our programs are intentionally directed at the Spanish-speaking community, which has many barriers and limited access to acquire a formal ministerial education. CHET strives to minimize these barriers to prepare the Hispanic community to serve God, equipped with a high quality AETH accredited education.  Students can earn a Diploma of Ministry or a Bachelor’s degree that prepares them for pastoral ministries. Some of our students have continued their studies to obtain postgraduate degrees in seminaries in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

     If you wish to explore your call to equip yourself to serve God in your church or in your community, we would be honored and pleased to accompany you on your journey. Together we can give honor and glory to the One who has called us to collaborate with the expansion of His kingdom.

Nicholas Block, Ph.D.
Transitional Leader
(In gratitude to Edward Delgado, former president)